I have extensive experience as a serial social entrepreneur, having run successful media and training businesses and social enterprises since 2003. I sold Green Rocket Media C.I.C and Blue Rocket Group Ltd to Brighton Housing Trust in what the FT described as a unique move (Green Rocket Media C.I.C was the second C.I.C ever to be sold). 

Over the years I have helped a range of blue chip companies, gardening organisations and events build profile and brand while boosting their ESG and CSR credentials. 

I bring a bigger picture wealth of experience to my work as an award winning environmental journalist, editor, commentator, trainer and more recently, designer which enables me to be one step ahead of the next gardening and environmental trends afoot. 

I am extremely well connected in the gardening world and manage projects with cherry picked associate assistance as required. 

Just some of the professional services I can offer from my team of green rocketeers include: 


I have published a range of guides and books over the years for organisations and I edited The Organic Way magazine for more than six years. In 2019 I published the original The Climate Change Garden Book with corporate support. 

I can help you with a wide range of gardening guides, books and materials for your customers and teams. 

The Organic Way


From events to customer engagement projects, no idea is too big as far as I’m concerned. I can also help with video, blog and social media content to boost engagement. 

Company away days 

From team building events and away days to inspire, I can offer tailored climate change and sustainability days around your needs at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. 

Corporate - as featured