I have been writing and teaching about a more climate change savvy approach to gardening since 2013 when I first started writing for The Guardian. My adventuring in the high hills of West Wales where I have been frontline to many extreme weather events from flooding to my private water supply running dry, have enabled me to push test the techniques I teach to the limit.

My nature friendly approach provides resilience against our changing climate and the good news is that it is much lower maintenance overall.

Kim Stoddary presenting at RHS Tatton Park in 2022
Kim at RHS Tatton Park 2022

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“With the climate emergency, ‘gardening as usual’ no longer applies and we need to learn how to adapt to prolonged droughts, intense storms, and wildly fluctuating temperatures. The Climate Change Garden is the in depth guide you need to learn how to manage climate extremes and build resilient gardens.”

Niki Jabbour – author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener and Growing Under Cover

“I love this book. It’s the savvy guide to future proofing your garden against the increasing extremes of weather through climate change.”

Frances Tophill – Gardeners’ World presenter and author of Rewild Your Garden