Get Climate Change Smart GYO Course

Each day is packed with lots of ideas, time (and money) saving tricks, techniques and skills to furnish you with the knowledge to grow fruit and vegetables productively in the face of increasing extremes of weather.

I start the day with a getting-to-know-you session over refreshments so the course can be tailored where possible to participants’ needs. Then we move onto the basics including different methods of propagation, compost-making and growing different types of fruit and veg.

In the morning I also cover seed saving and lots of time saving methods, including no dig gardening, which are designed to make the process of grow your own much more enjoyable in the process.

Then after more refreshments , I move onto demonstrating different ways of growing including under cover, container and raised bed systems. Within this I’ll explain about mixed planting systems which I use as a viable alternative to crop rotation which provides biodiversity and helps avoid pest build up in the first place. This leads on nicely to a look at companion planting and how letting nature (beneficial insects, pollinators and amphibians) onto your plot can help deal with pests naturally as well as making your space a mesmerising haven in which to be.

Finally there’s ample opportunity for further questions, so I can ensure all rocketeers (aka attendees) go home empowered with the knowledge, confidence and skills to make their fruit and veg growing efforts truly blossom and grow whatever the weather.

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

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Dates for 2023 are:
24th March 2023
28th April 2023
9th June 2023

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