Update -I have new dates from March 2023 lined up now for in person courses at my training gardens in West Wales. Online courses also available all year round.

Plus, new thrifty windowsill and undercover edibles over winter online course available to book now. Starting on Dec 1st (but available anytime on catch up) this comprehensive course provides weekly updates and materials from me till Feb 2023. Offering oodles of hands on advice on growing salad leaves, herbs, baby carrots and roots, micro greens, mushrooms, pea shoots and sprouts in your home and outside under cover. Plus many more produce ideas and money and time saving tips and inspiration besides to help you nurture in a range of delicious produce this winter.                    £65                         Click here to find out more

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Growing at least some of your own food is one of the most empowering and life-affirming experiences out there and that’s even more so the case right now with all the challenges there are. Especially when you learn to let nature in to lend a helping hand, it becomes incredibly rewarding, less time-consuming, easier and more nurturing and enjoyable all round. It becomes fun and productive, saves money, builds resilience, and makes you feel good. 

I have been gardening since I was a (apparently moody) teenager (more than 35 years ago) and am known for teaching a down-to-earth, resilient approach that is good for person, plate and planet.

I’ve always gardened organically and have been writing for the national press (Guardian et al) since 2013. I also edit The Organic way magazine for Garden Organic. I’ve been running my popular  gardening courses, since 2014 and love teaching how you too can nurture a wide range of delicious home grown produce for yourselves with little to no fuss at all.

All too often gardening is made out to be a lot more complicated than it need be with lots of exacting rules – yet I cut through this to demonstrate lots of more free-spirited ideas and time saving tricks, techniques and skills to furnish you with the knowledge and inspiration to find a way of gardening that works best for you and your plot whatever-the-weather.

I offer a wealth of wider experience guaranteed to empower and help you look at gardening in a whole new way entirely.

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I’m a gardening journalist and author with a strong background in social enterprise and ethical business. I write regularly for a range of publications including the Guardian, The Express, Gardeners’ World magazine, The Telegraph, Grow Your Own and Country Smallholding magazines, and I’m editor of The Organic Way magazine. I have been running courses and workshops since 2014.

Want to learn how to be a climate change savvy gardener? 
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